ALEXANDER FRASER of Fraserfield [1786-1853]

In September 1844 Jacob Farrand Pringle (1816-1901) married Col. Fraser’s daughter Isabella and by her had 10 children. In “The Genealogy of Jacob Farrand Pringle and his wife Isabella Fraser Pringle” the author gives the following Pedigree of Isabella Fraser (1825-aft.1890):

Isabella Fraser is the third daughter of Colonel the Honorable Alexander Fraser, of Fraserfield, in the Township of Charlottenburgh and County of Glengarry, and of his wife, Anne Macdonell. Colonel Fraser was born near Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire, Scotland, and came with his father, mother, brothers and sisters to Canada early in the present century. On the breaking of the war with the United States in 1812, Alexander Fraser was appointed quartermaster of the Canadian Fencible Infantry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Peters. When the regiment was disbanded at the close of the war, he settled on a farm, lots 39 and 40 in the 1st concession of Charlottenburgh, north of the River aux Raisin, to which he added by purchase adjoining lands, till the whole property comprised about twelve hundred acres. He was colonel of the 1st Regiment of Glengarry Militia from 1822 until his death. He represented the county of Glengarry in the Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada for about eight years. He was warden of the District and County Council from 1842 to 1850, registrar of the county of Glengarry for ten or twelve years prior to his death, and was for several years a member of the Legislative Council of Canada. During the Rebellion of 1837 his regiment of militia was on duty under his command during the winters of 1838 and 1839, a portion of the time in Lower Canada. He died in 1853 at the age of 68. His wife, Anne Macdonell, survived him until 1861, when she died at the age of 64. His brother Paul was in the Hudson Bay Company; his brother Donald was in business in Williamstown, and his brother Malcolm got their father’s farm. One of his sisters married Mr. Waters, of the Cedars; another married John Fraser, of Lachine. Their son, John Fraser, now owns the homestead there (which is believed to have been owned more than 200 years ago by the famous explorer, the Sieur de la Salle) and their son Hugh founded the Fraser Institute of Montreal.

Anne Macdonell, the wife of Colonel Alexander Fraser, was a daughter of Archibald Macdonell and his wife, who was of the family of Fraser of Balvain (sic). Archibald Macdonell was son of John Macdonell, of Lick, and his wife Jane Chisholm, daughter of Alexander Chisholm, of Muckerack, and grand-daughter of John Chisholm, of Chisholm.

Colonel Fraser had by his wife, Anne Macdonell, four daughters: Anne, Catherine, Isabella and Mary; and two sons, Archibald and Alexander.

Anne Fraser (c.1820-aft.1890) married Daniel Eugene McIntyre, M.D. (1812-1896), sheriff of the united counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. They had several children, of whom only two – a daughter, Anne, and a son, Alexander F. McIntyre – are now living; the others died young. Anne married George S. Jarvis, of Cornwall, Esquire, son of the late Judge Jarvis, and Alexander F. married Helen Macdonald, daughter of Ranald Sandfield Macdonald, of Lancaster, Esquire, by whom she has three daughters: Christine, Gwendoline and Janet; and two sons, Donald and Ranald Eugene.

Catherine Fraser (1821-1865) married the Honorable Donald Alexander Macdonald (1817-1896) who represented the county of Glengarry in the Provincial Parliament from 1858 till 1867, and in the Dominion Parliament from 1868 till 1875. He was Postmaster-General from 1873 till 1875, when he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, which office he held until the summer of 1880. His wife Catherine died some years ago, leaving a family of four daughters: Anne, Margaret, Ida and Mary; and one son, Alexander George Fraser. Margaret married William Hingston, of Montreal, M.D., and has a family of four sons: William, Donald, Basil and Harold; and one daughter, Eileen. Mary married George Campbell McDougall, of Montreal, broker, by whom she has a daughter, Beatrice. G.C. McDougall died in 1892. Alexander George Fraser Macdonald married Eugenie Hubert, by whom he has a son, Donald Alexander.

Isabella Fraser (1825-aft.1890) married Jacob Farrand Pringle (1816-1901), and Mary Fraser (1829-1854) married James Dunbar Pringle (1820-1882), as already stated.

Archibald Fraser (1827-1874) married Mary Scott (1830-1915), daughter of Thomas [s/b William James] Scott, of Prescott, M.D., and his wife, Sarah Macdonell, daughter of Allan Macdonell, and died, leaving issue four daughters: Sarah, Harriet Isabella, Catherine and Anne; and two sons, Alexander and Chisholm. Alexander (1857-1900) [see separate page for Ontario Archivist Alexander Fraser (1860-1936) under Revival of Clan Fraser in Canada, for photo of Alexander Fraser of Fraserfield – 3rd row 1st cameo] married Miss Lillie Shaw, by whom he has one son, Berford Archibald. Harriet Isabella married F.A. Anglin, of Toronto, barrister.

Alexander Fraser (1831-1861), second son of Colonel Alexander Fraser, married Maria Paul, and died without issue.

End Quote. Dates have been inserted, based on baptism &/or death records.

According to Jacob Farrand Pringle, Anne Fraser who married Archibald Macdonell (c.1744-1816), was a member of the Frasers of Balvain [sic]. Recent research has confirmed that she was a member of the the Frasers of Ballindoun [Canadian Explorer, Dec. 2003]. In Scotland, the Inverness OPR contains an entry for: Captn. Archibald McDonald in the Reg’t. & Anne Fraser, married Feby 20 [1786]. In Canada, the register for St-Regis RC on 8 Jany 1787 records, in Latin, the baptism by Rev. Macdonell, of Jacobus (James), s/o Capt. Archibald Macdonell & Anne Fraser. James Fraser Macdonell, born 1787, died in India, a major in the 54th Regiment.

Although Jean Chisholm who married John Macdonell of Leek (c1707-1782), was believed to have been related to The Chisholm, there is conflicting information about the identity of her parents, based on published accounts during the late 19th century [e.g., History of the Chisholms, by Alexander Mackenzie] and repeated by subsequent writers.

Jacob Farrand Pringle wrote: John Chisholm was chief about 1699. He had two sons. The elder one was Ruari, or Roderick (called Mac Ian). The younger was Alexander… Alexander Chisholm, of Muckerach, son of John Chisholm, of Chisholm, and father of Jane Chisholm, who married John Macdonell, of Lick…

In his superficial History of the Chisholms (1891, p. 59), Alexander Mackenzie (1838-1898) wrote that John Chisholm 20th Chisholm, by his wife Jane Mackenzie, d/o Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon, had issue:

Roderick, his heir and successor.
Alexander of Muckerach, whose male representatives on the death of Duncan Macdonell Chisholm, on the 18th of September, 1858, without male issue, succeeded to the family estates as heir of entail, and of whom in their order.
Janet, who married one of the Macdonells of Leek.
Lilias, who married Fraser of Struy.

Actually, John Chisholm, 20th Chisholm, by his wife, Jean Mackenzie of Findon, had several daughters and sons baptized [Kilmorack OPR] including:

Anne Chisholm, baptized 26 Oct 1687 [At Coridon, Oct. 26, 1687, John Chisholm of Comar presented his daughter called Anne to be baptized. Godfathers: Hugh Frazer of Struy & Mr. Thomas Frazer ygr of Struy.] Anne Chisholm married [ctr. 10 Mar 1708 at Erchless] Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnel (d.c.1741).

Jane Chisholm, baptized 16 Oct 1688 [At Coridon, Oct. 16, 1688, John Chisholm of Comar presented his daughter called Jane to be baptized. Godfathers: Hugh Frazer elder of Struy & Thomas Frazer ygr of Struy.] Contrary to Alexander Mackenzie’s History of the Chisholms, it is unlikely that Jane Chisholm, born 1688, married John Macdonell of Leek (c1707-1782) and was the mother of his 11 children born 1742-1762.

Margaret Chisholm, baptized 21 Apr 1691 [At Invercannich, April 21, 1691, John Chisholm of Comar presented his daughter Margaret to be baptized. Godfathers: Colin Chisholm of Knockfin & Alexander Frazer ygr of Torbeak.] Margaret Chisholm married Alexander Grant of Shewglie (1676-1746).

Katharine Chisholm, baptized 5 May 1695 [At Invercannich, May 5, 1695, John Chisholm of Comar presented his daughter called Katharine to be baptized. Godfathers: William Frazer of Guisachan & John McLean of Dochgarroch (?).]

Roderick Chisholm, later 21st Chisholm, born 1696, died 19 Aug 1767 [According to Mackenzie’s History of the Chisholms (p. 59), Roderick Chisholm was born in 1697, and was a minor when he succeeded. At the age of eighteen, he led two hundred of his clan, accompanied by his cousin, John Chisholm of Knockfin, under the Earl of Mar in 1715, to Sheriff Muir….]

Alexander Chisholm, later of Muckerack, baptized 28 Apr 1697, died before 1777 [At Erchless, April 28, 1697, John Chisholm of Comar presented his son called Alexander to be baptized. Godfathers: Thomas Frazer of Bowfort & Colin McKenzie of Findon.]

John Chisholm, baptized 29 Apr 1699, died 31 Aug 1705 [At Erchless, April 29, 1699, John Chisholm of Comar presented his son called John to be baptized. Godfathers: Mr. Hugh Frazer of Eskadale & Alexander Chisholm of Teawigg.]

Lilias Chisholm, baptized 29 Jun 1706 [At Erchless, June 29, 1706, John Chisholm of Comar presented his daughter called Lilias to be presented. Godfathers: Mr. Simon McKenzie of Allan Grange & Bayn of Tulloch ygr.] Lilias Chisholm married Capt. Thomas Fraser of Struy (1709-1758).

Alexander Chisholm of Teawigg (d. 9 Apr 1699), husband of Katharine McDonald, seems to have been an important member of the community. His son Alexander ygr of Teawigg, in 1702 married Mary Fraser, d/o Mr. William Fraser, Minister of Kilmorack.

[At Kilmorack, Jan. 5, 1681, That day Alexander Chisholm of Teawigg presented his son called Thomas to be baptized. Godfathers: Thomas Frazer son to Struy & Thomas Frazer of Teanakyle.] Based on the Death Records for the parish of Kilmorack, this is Mr. Thomas Chisholm, son to Alexr. Chisholm of Teawigg and Minister of the gospel at Kilmorack, who died 7 Jan 1768, in the eighty eighth year of his age. For he was born 14th day of Dec 1680.

[At Kilmorack, March 16, 1695, Alexr. Chisholm of Teawigg presented his son called Roderick to be baptized. Godfathers: Ranald McDonald of Corrymuir & Luke Houston.]

[At Invercannich, Oct. 20, 1702, Theodore Chisholm, brother german to John Chisholm of Comar, his son called John was baptized. Godfathers: John Chisholm of Comar & John Chisholm of Knockfin.]

[At Teawigg, April 8, 1703, Alexr. Chisholm of Teawigg presented his daughter called Jean to be baptized. Godfathers: James Frazer of Relick & Ranald McDonald of Teachnoisk.]

[At Knockfin, Aug. 24, 1703, John Chisholm of Knockfin his daughter called Janet was baptized. Godfathers: Theodore Chisholm & William Frazer of Culbokie.]

[At Kilmorack, Nov. 23, 1703, Alexr. Chisholm ygr of Teawigg presented his daughter called Jean to be baptized. Godfathers: John Chisholm of Comer & Mr. Hugh Frazer of Eskadale.]

Alexander Chisholm, of Muckerack (1697-bef.1777), by his 2nd wife Mary Baillie [ctr. 29 Nov, mar. 3 Dec 1733 Kilmorack OPR], had a daughter Jean baptized 22 Nov 1734 [Alexr. Chisholm of Muckerack had a child called Jean – Kilmorack OPR 1717-1768] who was unlikely to have been the wife of John Macdonell, of Leek (c1707-1782) whose first son Angus was born in Scotland about 1742.

Based on these parish records, there is no conclusive evidence to prove the identity of the parents of Jean (Jane) Chisholm who married John Macdonell of Leek (c1707-1782), progenitor of so many descendants in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere.

The life of Alexander Fraser of Fraserfield has been well documented but his Fraser ancestry, beyond the identity of his parents, remains a mystery. At his first marriage to Catherine Grant in August 1807, Alexander was 21 (born 1786); while the record of his second marriage to Ann MacDonell in November 1818 stated that he was 41 (born 1776). His parents were John Fraser and Isabella Fraser from Glendomore. According to the Fort Augustus part of the Boleskine & Abertarff OPR: 1786 Janry 28th John Fraser in Glendoemore & his wife Isabella Fraser had a Child Baptised named Alexander. The family is believed to have come to Quebec via Ireland in 1805, presumably with other former members of the Glengarry Fencibles disbanded there in the early 1800s. The list of place names pre-1800 indicates that Glendomore [= Mickle Glendo] is near Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire [ Canadian Explorer , June 2000].

Duncan Warrand in Some Fraser Pedigrees (1934) notes that John Fraser, of Meikle Garth, died before the Bond of Confederation of 1721 between the Frasers of Stratherrick and the Mactavishes and others, and the Bond refers to him as “the deceased Garthmore”. One of his sons, Alexander Fraser, in Glendomore, is mentioned in a 1725 document. However, nothing further is known about him and there is no known connection between that Alexander Fraser and the family of John Fraser who came to Canada.

John Fraser (c1746-1815) and his wife Isabella Fraser (c1760-1840) are both buried at St. Raphaels, Williamstown, Ontario. Their family included:

Elizabeth Fraser (b.c.1785), by her husband Walter Cameron, had 3 children: Donald (b.1807); John (b.1809); Flora (b.1813).

Alexander Fraser (1786-1853), by his 1st wife Catherine Grant (c1789-1818), had 2 children: John (1809-13); Alexander (1816-17); and by his 2nd wife Ann MacDonell (c1797-1861), had 6 children: Ann (b.1820); Catherine Grant (b.1821); Isabella (b.1825); Archibald (b.1827); Mary (b.1829); Alexander (b.1831).

Donald Fraser (c1787-1839), by his wife Margaret McGregor (c1795-1872), had 8 children: John (b. 1816); Alexander Edward (b.1824); Isabella (b.1820); Helena (b.1822); Jessie (b.1826); Elizabeth Jane (b.1828); Margaret (b.1830); Mary (b.1831).

Catherine Fraser (c1788-1836), by her 1st husband Farquhar Matheson (c1784-c1813), had 3 children: Flora (b. 1808); Isabella (b. 1810); Mary (b. 1812); and by her 2nd husband William Waters (c1781-1854), had 7 children: Alexander (1817-aft.1901); John F. (1820-1821); Helen (c1822-1891); Mary Jane (1825-aft.1901); Elizabeth (c1827-1882); John Ramsey (c1829-1893); William Henry (b.c.1831).

Jane Fraser (c1793-1835), by her husband John Fraser (c1788-1856), had 10 children: Alexander (1817-1903); Hugh (1818-1870); John (1820-1899); Jane (1822-aft.1873); Isabella (1823-aft.1870); Mary (1825-1862); James (1828-1856); Donald (1830-bef.1899); Catherine (1833-1866); Elizabeth (1835-1895).

Hugh Fraser (c1794-1817), by his wife Johanna Everts, had a daughter Johanna (1817-1818); in 1822 his widow married Duncan McLennan.

Paul Fraser (c1797-1855), by his country wife Angélique Harnois, had 4 children: John (b.c.1835); Alexander (b.c.1839); Marguerite (b.c.1840); Peter (b.c.1842), all baptized 19 June 1842 at Fort Vancouver.

The earliest record for the family of John Fraser and Isabella Fraser relates to their daughter Elizabeth, at the baptism 16 Nov 1806 of William Ellis Cameron, son of Angus Cameron and his wife Euphemia, where Alexander’s older sister declared herself unable to sign her name. In March 1807, Elizabeth Fraser married William Cameron, Quarter Master Sergeant to the Canadian Regiment, and the witnesses included John Fraser, father to the said Elizabeth. Walter Cameron was still QM Sergeant at the baptism of his son John 11 June 1809. At the baptism of his daughter Flora 18 July 1813 in William Henry Christ Anglican (Sorel), Walter Cameron was Sergeant in the Canadian Regiment. Witnesses: Capt. Alex. McQueen & Edw. M. Antrobus.

Sergeant Alexander Fraser married Catherine Grant, his first wife, in August 1807. At the baptism of their son John 1 Nov 1809 in Notre-Dame de Montréal, Alexander Fraser was Sergeant des fencibles canadiens en garison en cette ville. At the burial of John 23 Mar 1813 in William Henry Christ Anglican, Alexander was Quarter Master in the Canadian Regiment.

In April 1807 Alexander’s younger sister Catherine Fraser, who declared herself unable to sign, married, as her first husband, Farquhar Matheson, Sergeant in the Canadian Regiment. Witnesses: John Fraser father, Donald Fraser brother. A document dated 26 Sep 1815 relating to the tutorship of the minor children of Farquhar Matheson is witnessed by Paul Fraser, uncle to the minor children. In May 1816 Catherine married secondly, William Waters, Gunsmith, by whom she had seven more children. Catherine Fraser was buried 4 Sep 1856 in St Joseph de Soulanges, aged 68 years, widow of William Waters, Bailiff.

In February 1816 Alexander’s younger brother Donald Fraser, merchant, son of John Fraser & Bell Fraser, married Margaret McGregor, daughter of James McGregor, labourer & Kitty McNabb. Sponsors at the baptism of son Jean (John) 15 Dec 1816 were Edward McGregor and Johannah Everts [wife of Hugh Fraser, the younger brother of Donald and Alexander].

In March 1816 Alexander’s youngest sister Jane Fraser of Glengarry, Upper Canada, married John Fraser of La Chine. Their children included Hugh Fraser, founder of the Fraser Institute in Montreal and John Fraser, author of Canadian Pen and Ink Sketches who waged, on behalf of the surviving siblings, a lengthy and unsuccessful court battle [over a period of 15 years] against the trustees of Hugh’s will, for a share of his estate.

Alexander’s younger brother Hugh Fraser, gentleman and Johanna Everts, spinster about 21 years, were married in October 1816. Witnesses: Robert McNabb, Donald Fraser, J. Fraser. Hugh was a witness at the marriage of Donald Fraser and Margaret McGregor in February 1816, and Johanna Everts was godmother at the baptism of John Fraser, son of Donald and Margaret in December 1816. At his burial a year later, Hugh Fraser was Inn Keeper, aged 23 years 8 months. According to The Montreal Star , he was a Grocer. A document dated 19 Dec 1817 relating to the tutorship of the minor child of Hugh Fraser, names Johanna Everets, Tutrix and Robert McNabb, Sub-Tutor. Witnesses: Alexander & Donald Fraser, uncles of the minor child on the father’s side. On 26 Dec 1817 Johanna Fraser signs, on behalf of herself and her daughter, a renunciation to the succession of the vacant Estate of Hugh Fraser.

Alexander’s youngest brother Paul Fraser signed on as an apprentice clerk to the North West Company in May 1819 and later joined the Hudson’s Bay Company. He was killed at the age of 58 by a falling tree. His children by Angélique Harnois were baptized at Fort Vancouver [Oregon Territory] in June 1842. John McLoughlin, Godfather and Marguerite Wadin, Godmother.

The Militia of the Eastern District 1st Regiment in 1838 listed Colonel Alex Fraser (April 1, 1822), Lieut. Colonel Alex McMartin (Mar 6, 1837) and Major D. Fraser (Jan 1, 1838). Major Donald Fraser drowned during the night of November 8-9, 1839, at age 52. [Lunenburgh or the Old Eastern District (1890) by J.F. Pringle] As noted previously, Jacob Farrand Pringle married Col. Fraser’s daughter Isabella in September 1844 and by her had ten children.

In summary, I believe that most serious researchers are aware of the dangers of accepting information based on previously published sources or obtained from well-meaning individuals, without verification. However, it is wise to remember that any mistakes you make now by not adequately checking these sources will only create additional work down the line, and could result in a big waste of time and effort on your part that may not be appreciated by those who follow in your footsteps.

Happy hunting.