Edinburgh (Midlothian) Marriage Registers – 1701-1800

In the Introduction to Clan Fraser, A history celebrating over 800 years of the Family in Scotland (1997), Lady Saltoun refers to her great grandfather, Alexander Fraser, 17th (now 18th) Lord Saltoun (1820-1886), author of The Frasers of Philorth; Lords Saltoun (1879), who said that apart from his brothers and his children, his nearest Fraser relations were the Lovats.

“Although the Lovats never cleared their people from the Glens to make way for sheep, there was small prospect of advancement in life for younger sons unless they went south to one of the cities or emigrated, which is what many of them did. Some went to Edinburgh, Glasgow or London, many went to America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and prospered and founded families there, especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. What is sad is that so few of them seem to have kept records of where in Scotland they came from, and this can make tracing their ancestry rather difficult. »

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The difference between researching one extended Fraser family and researching several hundred Fraser families, is that you soon learn to discard the stories handed down by “family tradition”. To make matters more interesting, even the published genealogies of the better known Fraser families in Scotland don’t always tell the whole story. Hopefully, the following entries, extracted from the Edinburgh and Canongate Marriage Registers (1701-1800), will be helpful to anyone who has run into a roadblock while searching for those elusive Scottish ancestors.

By 1750 Edinburgh was a city woefully plagued by overcrowding. In fact, the population had exploded over the previous 200 years, from 12,000 in 1560 to 51,000 by 1750. Confined within the physical boundary of the old city wall, the population was faced with severe disease problems caused by poor water supply and waste disposal. About 20% of the population lived in self-constructed shacks, and stories of ten or more adults sharing one room flats were not uncommon. [W. Mackey, Edinburgh in Mid-Seventeenth Century, The Early Modern Town in Scotland, pp. 192-216]

In 1752 the Convention of Royal Burghs assented to ‘Proposals for Carrying out Certain Public Works in the City of Edinburgh’ which resolved: ‘let us boldly enlarge Edinburgh to the utmost’. Other early attempts were made to rationalise the medieval clutter of the Old Town, but it was not until George Square was laid out in 1766 beyond the royalty that the town council was finally spurred into promoting its bill to extend the royalty, which it had shelved in 1759 in the face of strong opposition from landowning interests. The council under George Drummond, the Lord Provost, initiated a competition for the design of the ‘New Town’ on the site of Barefoot’s Parks, which had been acquired in 1716 and set for feu in 1763. In 1767 a successful bill for extension was passed, the elegantly simple, classical grid-iron, gold medal winning plan of James Craig (1744-95) accepted, and the first house founded at Rose (now Thistle) Court in the same year. [John Keay & Julia Keay, Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland, pp. 285-286]

George Drummond (1687-1766) served as Lord Provost six times: 1725, 1746, 1750-1, 1754-5, 1758-9 and 1762-3. He had fought against Mar at Sheriffmuir (1715) and raised the First or College Company (1745) in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Prince Charles Edward and his Jacobite army from entering the city. He was the moving spirit behind plans for Edinburgh’s New Town, which became a reality after the draining of the Nor’ Loch and the commencement of the North Bridge, for which he laid the foundation stone in 1763. [Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland, p. 248]

Archibald McAulay was Provost in 1761. He may have been the son of Archibald McAulay who was Provost in 1700, and the brother of Jean McAulay who married William Fraser of Balnain in 1748.

According to the History of Dumbartonshire, 563: “the Dumbarton Burgh Records for 21st December 1696 refer to the conduct of Helen Watson, spouse to James Williamson of Chapelton, who, in her husband’s absence, ‘had obstructed the entry of Archibald McAulay of Ardincaple into a pairt of that great tenement in Dumbarton laitlie possessed by the Laird of Macfarlane.’ The council approve of Ardincapill’s proceedings, and undertake to defend the provist’s conduct in supporting him. »

In the book Ardincaple Castle, Decline and Fall of the Lairds, the author discusses the Lairds of Ardincaple and Provost Archibald M’Aulay, as follows:

“In the year 1700 (or thereabouts) the provost of Edinburgh was a man named Archibald M’Aulay, but it is not known how he was related to the Laird of Ardincaple, namely, Archibald M’Aulay, 16th Ardincaple. In 1718, Archibald and his son Aulay conveyed the three Ardincaples, under certain conditions of reversion, to John Campbell, the provost of Edinburgh, in security for a loan which they could not repay. This action was only taken after the consent of Archibald M’Aulay, merchant and bailie of Edinburgh, had been obtained. This was doubtless the same man who was provost of Edinburgh about 1700, whose relationship to the Macaulays of Ardincaple is unknown. There is no subsequent notice of this Laird of Ardincaple except the Confirmation of his Testament in the Commissariat of Edinburgh, 19th March 1729. Aulay M’Aulay, the 17th laird of Ardincaple, never married, and, when he had made his contribution to the ruin of the family, was succeeded by his brother, Walter M’Aulay, 18th laird of Ardincaple, who, with the consent of his son, Aulay, entered into an arrangement for clearing off the debt of the family by the sale of the remaining lands. Aulay M’Aulay, the 19th laird of Ardincaple, was compelled to take shelter in the property of Faselane, but soon he was forced to part even with that, the last of the once great estate, and to seek a humble retirement at Laggarie. There, in abject poverty, the last of the House of Ardincaple died in 1767, childless, landless, and friendless. »

The foregoing extract is offered as an example of the confusion that has arisen surrounding the families of Archibald M’Aulay, Laird of Ardincaple, and Archibald M’Aulay, Provost of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Marriage Register contains the following entry:
M’Aulay, Archibald, writer in S.E. p. ; Carola Young, d/o late Mr. Robert Y., sometime minister at Kippen, now in N.N.K. p. – 22 Jan. 1710, m 8 Feb. 1710

Archibald M’Aulay had several children by his wife Carola Young, according to the Register of Baptism for Edinburgh:
M’Aulay, Carola, bapt. 29 Nov. 1712; Archibald, bapt. 31 Aug. 1715; George, bapt. 23 Sep 1716; Jean, bapt. 7 Jan. 1718; Alexander, bapt. 30 Apr. 1719; Mary, bapt. 1 Jan. 1721; Anne, bapt. 5 May 1723.

The Fraser, William, W.S., in S.K. p. ; Miss Jean M’Aulay, d/o Archibald M., Lord Provost of Edinburgh, in N.W. p. £ 1. 1s. – 30 Oct 1748

The population of Edinburgh continued to grow as the eighteenth century drew to a close. Those who did not have the financial means to move to the New Town lingered in the wretched conditions of the medieval city. The New Town had afforded space, but only for those who could afford it. Consequently, the problems caused by high population density had not been adequately addressed by the New Town development, and, by 1800, the social problems of the Old Town had not disappeared. Accordingly, in 1801, the construction of a second New Town was begun. Robert Reid and William Sibbalt designed the plan which would be built to the north of the first New Town, and the first and second New Towns were separated by a garden belt, just as the New Town and Old Town had been. [A.J. Youngson, The Making of Classical Edinburgh, pp. 200-225]

M-Edinburgh.jpg (20201 bytes)Edinburgh (Midlothian) Marriage Register – 1701-1750

Fraser (Fraisser, Frazar, Frazer) Fraser (Fraisser, Frazar, Frazer)

Fraser, Agnes, ser. to George Livingston, one of the under clerks of Session, in N.W. p. ; George Smith, sailor, in N.W. p. – 12 Jan 1729

Fraser, of Strichen, Mr. Alexander, Senator of the College of Justice, in N.N.K. p. ; Lady Ann Campbell, Countess Dowager of Bute, in S.E. p. – 19 Sep 1731
[Alexander F., Lord Strichen (a law lord), ygr s/o Alexander F., 5th Strichen (1659-1699) by 2nd wife Æmelia Stewart (d. 1711) who m c1701 John Lindsay, Earl of Crawford, with issue. By Lady Ann Campbell (d. 1736), Lord Strichen (c1699-1775) had Alexander F., 8th Strichen (1733-1794).]

Fraser, Alexander, shoemaker, in N.K. p. ; Helen Pirie, ser. to Daniel Campbell, chairmaster, in S.K. p. 4s. 6d. – 26 Oct 1746

Fraser, Alexander, journeyman tailor, N.W. p. ; Elizabeth Clark, d/o Donald C., schoolmaster at Stonehaven, now in N.W. p. 5s. 8d. – 22 Jan 1749

Fraser, Andrew, merchant, burgess ; Agnes Heriot, d/o George H., farmer, in W.K. p., N.W., S.K., N.K., and N.E. – 13 Jul 1701

Fraser, Andrew, late servant to my Lord Jedburgh, now in S.E. p. ; Margaret Hamilton, d/o late John H., tailor, burgess in Arbroath, now in S.E. p. – 30 Nov 1701, m 18 Dec 1701

Fraser, Ann , d/o late John F., tobacconist in Elgin of Moray, now in N.W. p. ; John Buchan, wigmaker in S.K. p. 4s. 6d. – 8 Jan 1744

Fraser, Archibald, periwigmaker, indweller in N.E. p. ; Isobel Bisit, d/o late John B., wigmaker in Elgin, now in S.W. p. – 29 May 1709, m 1 Jul 1709

Fraser, Mrs. Beatrix, d/o late James F. of Brae, now in N.W. p.; Mr. William Burnet, minister at Falkirk – 12 Sep 1703
[Beatrix, d/o Rev. James Fraser of Brae (1639-1699), s/o Sir James Fraser of Brae (1612-1649), ygr s/o Simon Fraser, 6th Lord Lovat (1570-1633) by 2nd wife.]

Fraser, Daniel, indweller in S.K. p. ; Janet Stewart, d/o Alexander S., indw., now in N.K. p. – 18 Jun 1732, m 30 Jun 1732

Fraser, David, master of the grammar school in Musselburgh ; Mary Dick, d/o late William D., writer, in N.W. p. 10s. 6d. – 26 Nov 1738

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o Thomas F., brewer in Abbey of Holyroodhouse ; James Robertson, servitor to Lord Rankeillor, in N.N.K. p. – 21 Jan 1705

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o late William F., farmer in Ardclach, now in N.E. p. ; David Mous, carter, in W.K. p. – 20 Jun 1708, m 30 Jul 1708

Fraser, Finlay, burgess, indweller ; Violet Cock, d /o late James C., maltman in Brughtoun, both in N.K. p. – 15 Oct 1704, m 16 Nov 1704

Fraser, George, tailor, indweller, in N.E. p. ; Isobel Thomson, d/o James T., in Merchiston, now in N.K. p. – 6 Sept 1702, m 8 Oct 1702

Fraser, Mr. George, merchant in Pitcallien, in par. of Nig ; Barbara Miller, d/o late John M., portioner in Lintonbrigs, now in N.E. p. – 25 Jan 1708

Fraser, Helen, ser. to William Lawson, barber, wigmaker, in S.K. p ; Robert Sutherland, s/o Robert S., smith, in par. of Fowlis in Perthshire, now in Woodhouseleee p. – 25 Oct. 1719, m 20 Nov. 1719

Fraser, Helen, d/o late James F., shipmaster in Fraserburgh, now in S.S.E. p ; James Broun, goldsmith, in S.S.E. p. – 17 Jan 1720, m 2 Feb 1720

Fraser, Hugh, indweller in N.K. p.; Ann Chrystie, ser. to Mrs. Baillie, in N.K. p. 4s. 6d. – 19 Oct 1740

Fraser, Hugh, officer of H.M. Customs in Fisherrow ; Jean Linnen, milliner, in S.E. p., S.S.E., S.E. – 17 Aug 1735

Fraser, Isobel, d/o James F., indweller in S.S.W. p ; Allan M’Lean, soldier in Col. John Lee’s regiment, in S.S.W. p. – 24 Jul 1743

Fraser, James, indweller in S.E. p. ; Mary Moir, d /o late Thomas M., burgess – 15 Jun 1701, m 4 Jul 1701

Fraser, James, s/o Mr James F., minister at Wardlaw; Janet Tait, d/o late James T., merchant, burgess, both in S.E. p. – 19 Jan 1707, m 5 Feb 1707
[James, ygr s/o Rev. James Fraser of Phopachy, minister at Wardlaw, s/o Rev. William Fraser, minister at Killearnan.]

Fraser, James, s/o John F., farmer in Kirkhill par., now in N.E. p. ; Jean Neilson, d/o Andrew N., smith in Dunbar, now in S.K. p. – 21 Oct 1711, m 15 Nov 1711

Fraser, James, journeyman cooper, in S.S.W. p. ; Mary Kello, d/o late John K., farmer in Dublin, now in N.W. p. 5s. 8d. – 13 May 1750

Fraser, Janet, d/o late Alexander F., farmer in Lasswade, now in S.K. p ; Richard M’Neish, skinner, in N.K. p. – 29 Aug 1714, m 16 Sept. 1714

Fraser, Janet, d/o Alexander F., in Hamilton, now in S.E. p. ; Alexander Innes, tailor, in N.E. p. – 9 Nov 1722

Fraser, John, glover, indweller in N.K. p. ; Helen Morison, d/o Hugh M., saddler, burgess, in N.E. p. – 30 Sept 1711, m 19 Oct 1711

Fraser, John, gunsmith, burgess ; Elizabeth Dallas, d/o George D., merchant in Forres, now in S.S.E. p. – 18 Feb 1705

Fraser, John, tobacconist in S.W. p. ; Katherine M’Grigor, d/o Malcolm M., coppersmith in Inveraray, now in N.K. p. – 10 Apr 1726

Fraser, John, writer in Edinburgh, in N.W. p.; Mrs. Jane Brown, d/o David B., merchant, burgess, in N.W. p. 10s. – 7 Oct 1744
[John F. – was admitted to the Society of Writers to the Signet in 1752, having apprenticed with William Fraser of Balnain, W.S. John F., of Borlum, W.S., died in 1795, aged 84 – per research by Prof. Harry Duckworth.]

Fraser, John, journeyman wright, in S.K. p. ; Marion Riddell, d/o Robert R., mariner in Montrose, now in N.W. p. 7s. 6 d. – 13 Apr 1746

Fraser, Julian, d/o late John F., baker in Edinburgh, in N.K.p.; George Mackie, merchant, in S.W. p. 10s. 6d. – 15 Sep 1745

Fraser, Katherine, d/o late John F., merchant, burgess, in S.E. p. ; David Liddell, tailor, freeman in Potterrow – 2 Oct 1720, m 10 Oct 1720

Fraser, Margaret, servitrix to the Lady Vogrie, in N.E. p. ; David Webster, indweller in S.E. p. – 1 Jun 1701, m 19 Jun 1701

Fraser, Margaret, former in Inverness, now in N.W. p.; Matthew Campbell, indweller in S.W. p. – 2 Feb 1710

Fraser, Margaret, d/o late James F., farmer, in Penicuik par., now in S.W. p. ; James Tod, candlemaker, burgess, in S.K. p. – 30 Mar 1718, m 17 Apr 1718

Fraser, Margaret, d/o George F., mariner in Glasgow, now in N.K. p. ; George Wightman, shoemaker, in N.N.K. p. – 15 Apr 1722, m 30 Apr 1722

Fraser, Margaret, indweller in N.K. p ; William Lithgow, indweller in N.E. p. – 17 Oct 1725, m 26 Oct 1725

Fraser, Margaret, d/o Hugh F., farmer in Kinmylies, in Inverness p., in S.S.W. p. ; Archibald Napier, peutherer, burgess, S.S.W. p. – 30 Nov 1735

Fraser, Margaret, d/o late Daniel F., sailor in Bo’ness, now in S.S.W. p. ; Abraham Murdoch, gardener in par. of Wickham, in S.S.W. p. – 6 Jan 1740

Fraser, Margaret, d/o William F., indweller in Falkirk, now in S.E. p. ; John Murray, journeyman baker, in N.E. p. 4s. 6p. – 20 Apr 1740

Fraser, Margaret, wid/o John King, indw. in N.E. p.; John Matthew, chairman, in S.S.E. p. – 4s. 6d. – 25 Nov 1744

Fraser, Marjory, servitrix to the Laird of Carden ; John Cummin, servitor to the Laird of Grant, both in N.E. p. – 30 Mar 1701, m 14 Jul 1701

Fraser, Mary, d/o Thomas F., writer in Inverness ; John Campbell, plumber, in N.W. p. – 18 Mar 1733, m 6 Apr 1733

Fraser, Mary, d/o late John F., in Logie in Ross-shire, in N.W. p. ; Kenneth M’Kenzie, indweller in N.K. p. – 21 Aug 1737

Fraser, Robert, wigmaker in S. Leith ; Jean Boyd, d/o late Robert B., barber and wigmaker, in N.E. p. 5s. 8d. – 28 May 1749

Fraser, Roderick, s/o late Thomas F., farmer in the Aird, in par. of Kirkhill, now in S.S.W. p.; Katherine M’Kenzie, ser. to Robert Stewart, litster, in S.S.W. p. – 10 May 1724, m — Jun 1724

Fraser, Simon, servant to the Marquis of Tweeddale, in S.K. p. ; Janet Bonal, ser. to the Lady Lundin, in S.K. p. – 14 May 1727, m 18 Jul 1727

Fraser, Simon, white iron smith in N.N.K. p. ; Elizabeth Hamilton, d/o John H., mason in the Dean in N.N.K. p., S.S.E., S.E. – 19 Dec 1731

Fraser, Thomas, journeyman gardener in S.S.W. p. ; Janet Miller, wid/o John Clarkson, stabler, in S.S.W. p. – 2 Jul 1749

Fraser, William, merchant, burgess, in S.E. p. ; Henrietta Turnbull, d/o late William T. of Cruiksfield, in par. of Bunkell, now in S.E. p. – 10 Jul 1709, m 4 Aug 1709

Fraser, William, writer in S.E. p., Julian Campbell, d/o late –– C. of Lochdochart, in S.K. p. – 28 May 1738
[Parents of Simon Fraser of Ford (1742-1819) whose son Simon Fraser of Ford (1785-1838) & grandson Major-General Simon Fraser of Ford, corresponded with Malcolm Fraser (1733-1815) & family in Canada.]

Fraser, Mr. William, W.S., in S.K. p. ; Miss Jean M’Aulay, d/o Archibald M., Lord Provost of Edinburgh, in N.W. p. £ 1. 1s. – 30 Oct 1748
[William Fraser of Balnain (1703-1775), by his wife, had three daughters including Anne Fraser (1747-1837) married to Alexander Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee (1747-1813), a law lord who added his wife’s surname to his own as Fraser-Tytler; and Jane Fraser (1749-1847) married to Edward Satchwell Fraser of Reelig (1751-1835).]

Edinburgh (Midlothian) Marriage Register – 1751-1800

Fraser, Adam, smith, Lady Yester’s p., and Isobel Legget, same p., d/o John L., weaver at Nether Libberton – 18 Nov 1793

Fraser, Agnes, d/o the deceased Daniel F., weaver in Inverness ; James Tait, cawlmaker for the journeymen shoemakers, College Kirk p. – 24 Apr 1784

Fraser, Agnes, d/o Robert F. in the City Guard ; William Hunter, labourer, both in Tron p. – 7 Jan 1785

Fraser, Agnes, d/o John F., porter ; William Smith, baker, both in New North p. – 12 Feb 1787

Fraser, Alexander, of Moremount, in Tron p. ; Miss Jean Menzies, d/o deceast Wm. M., of ye Island of Jamaica – 11 Mar 1764
[Alexander F., 8th Strichen (1733-1794), whose grandson Thomas F., 10th Strichen (1802-1875) inherited the Lovat estates by entail, on the death of Archibald Fraser of Lovat (1736-1815) without legitimate surviving issue. Thomas Alexander Fraser of Strichen & Lovat (1802-1875) who became 14th Lord Lovat, was descended from Thomas Fraser of Knockie & Strichen (1548-1612), 2nd s/o Alexander Fraser, 4th Lord Lovat (1527-1557), from whom the current Frasers of Lovat descend.]

Fraser, Alexander, gentleman’s servant, Tron p.; Janet Edmond, d/o deceased — E., smith in Calton Street, now in New Kirk p. – 11 Nov 1764

Fraser, Alexander, labourer ; Elizabeth M’Intosh, d/o deceast John M., farmer in shire of Inverness, both in Old Grayfriar’s p. – 19 Jul 1767

Fraser, Alexander, shoemaker ; Margt. M’Intosh, relict of George Reid, tailor in Canongate, both in College Kirk p. – 3 Apr 1768

Fraser, Alexander, labourer ; Janet M’Donald, d/o deceast John M., farmer in p. of Ross, both in New Kirk p. – 13 Jan 1771

Fraser, Alexander, writer in Lady Yester’s p. ; Miss Agnes Gray, same p., d/o deceased Robt. G., shipmaster at Leith – 24 Apr 1774

Fraser, Alexander, soldier in the 66th Regiment in Edinburgh Castle ; Isobel M’Donald, d/o deceased John M., farmer in Kilmorack, Ross-shire – 19 Mar 1775

Fraser, Alexander, writer, College Church p. ; Alison Miller, Tron p., d/o deceased Mr. James M., merchant and burges – 20 Aug 1775

Fraser, Alexander, gentleman’s servant ; Mary White, d/o Thomas W., wright in Linton – 16 Mar 1777

Fraser, Alexander, of Torbreak ; Ann Russell, d/o late Mr. William R., Comptroller’s Department – 10 Aug 1777
[Alexander Fraser of Torbreck (1744-1821).]

Fraser, Alexander, gentleman’s servant, St. Giles p. ; Hannah M’Ewen, same p., d/o deceast John M., dyster at Haddington – 19 Nov 1778

Fraser, Alexander, labourer, Toolbooth p. ; Margaret M’Donald, same p., d/o deceased Malcolm M., farmer in Fortingall, Perthshire – 14 Aug 1784

Fraser, Alexander, wright, College Kirk p. ; Elizabeth Fraser, same p., d/o Alexander F., baker at Fort William – 29 Nov 1784

Fraser, Alexander, shoemaker, New North p. ; Margaret M’Pherson, widow of Donald M., soldier in Lord M’Donald’s Regiment (Lady Yester’s p.) – 23 Dec 1784

Fraser, Alexander, brewer’s servant, Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Helen Wood, same p., d/o George W., day labourer at Largo, Fife – 12 Apr 1785

Fraser, Alexander, labourer, High Kirk p. ; Janet M’Kay, same p., d/o Andrew M., carpenter at Clachnahery, county of Inverness – 26 Apr 1785

Fraser, Alexander, tailor, Lady Yester’s p. ; Agnes Strachan, New North p., d/o deceased Alexander S., mariner in Leith – 8 Sep 1786

Fraser, Alexander, sawer of timber, High Kirk p. ; Helen Tolmie, Tron Kirk p., d/o Alexander Tolmie, smith – 31 Jan 1788

Fraser, Alexander, soldier in 39th Regiment, Tolbooth p. ; Euphemia Fraser, same p., d/o Alexander F., labourer – 25 Jul 1788

Fraser, Alexander, labourer, Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Flora Cameron, same p., d/o deceased Hugh C., farmer, Camaguran, Rannach, county of Perth – 18 Aug 1788

Fraser, Alexander, labourer, New Gray Friar’s p. ; Isobel M’Intosh, same p., d/o William M., labourer – 8 Jun 1790

Fraser, Alexander, gentleman’s servant in High Kirk p. ; Janet Clark, same p., d/o deceased John Clark, coach wright – 30 Nov 1790

Fraser, Alexander, causeway layer, St. Andrew p. ; Jean Berryhill, same p., d/o deceased Geo. B., of the City Guard – 25 Mar 1793

Fraser, Allan, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o Alexander F., flesher in Haddington ; John Hindhaugh, soldier, 28th Dragoons, College Church p. – 24 May 1800

Fraser, Allicia, d/o John F., labourer ; James Hunter, mason, both in Tron p. – 15 Dec 1791

Fraser, Andrew, weaver, Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Janet Fraser, Tolbooth p., d/o deceased Donald F., farmer at Belladrum, county of Inverness – 30 Jul 1785

Fraser, Andrew, shoemaker in Old Kirk p. ; Barbara Millar, same p., d/o deceast Willm. M., soldier in the 4th Regiment – 13 Apr 1790

Fraser, Andrew, tailor, New Grayfriar’s p. ; Elizabeth Young, same p., d/o deceased Robert Y., cowfeeder, Portsburgh – 12 Sep 1793

Fraser, Angus, soldier, City Guard, Toolbooth p. ; Janet Dewar, Old Kirk p., d/o Alexander Dewar, farmer at Appin Dow, Perthshire – 28 Jul 1797

Fraser, Ann , d/o deceased James F., indweller in p. of Dundee ; John Moodie, journeyman wright, both in Tron p. – 14 Nov 1762

Fraser, Ann, d/o deceased John F., merchant at Peebles, now in Tolbooth p. ; James Brunton, farmer at Biggar – 19 May 1765

Fraser, Miss Anne, Tolbooth p., d/o Mr. John F., W.S. ; John Rae, surgeon, New North p. – 28 Aug 1783
[John Fraser died in 1795. G. Mag. for Oct 1797 (1797 Pt. 2, 897) reported “Miss Margaret Fraser, eldest d/o the late John F., esq. writer to the signet” had died “lately”. See entry also for marriage of Miss Jean Fraser in 1778.]

Fraser, Anne ; John Fraser, invalid – 15 Dec 1783

Fraser, Anne, d/o Thomas F., labourer ; Donald Mackay, labourer, both in Old Kirk p. – 6 Feb. 1788

Fraser, Anne, d/o deceased Francis F., sherriff officer; John M’Coll, merchant’s clerk, both in Tolbooth p. – 16 Jan 1789

Fraser, Archibald, cork cutter in Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Christian Campbell, Old Kirk p., d/o James Campbell, painter – 11 Nov 1791

Fraser, Barbara, relict of Thomas M’Millan, currier, in Tolbooth Kirk p.; Alexander Scoular, tanner – 29 May 1757

Fraser, Barbara, d/o Alexander F., labourer ; George Home, garderner, both in High Church p. – 25 Oct 1799

Fraser, Bartlett, d/o William F., teacher of manners in Edinburgh; James Monro, goldsmith, both in College Church p. – 27 Jun 1799

Fraser, Miss Catherine, eldest d/o James F., secretary to the Bank of Scotland ; William Wardrop, writer, both in St. Andrew p. – 7 Sep 1791

Fraser, Catherine, d/o deceased Symon F., farmer in p. of Alness, Ross-shire ; Henry Forbes, soldier of City Guard, both in Tron. p. – 29 Jul 1794

Fraser, Christian, Old Kirk p., d/o deceased George F., weaver ; Peter Reid, gentleman’s servant, p. of St. Giles – 29 Jul 1780

Fraser, Christian, d/o deceased James F., weaver at Kilmorack, county of Ross ; John Mackenzie, labourer, both in High Kirk p. – 9 Nov 1787

Fraser, Christian, Old Kirk p., d/o Andrew F., shoemaker; Andrew Mackenzie, shoemaker in College Kirk p. – 8 Dec 1790

Fraser, Christian, d/o deceased Alexander F., farmer, county of Inverness ; Alexander Monro, porter, both in Lady Yester’s p. – 8 June 1797

Fraser, Daniel, gentleman’s servant, St. Andrew p. ; Margaret King, same p., d/o Willm. K., tide waiter at M’Duff, Banffshire – 29 Jul 1795

Fraser, David, mariner ; Agnes Tennant, d/o deceased John T., farmer at Bathgate, now both in S.E. p. – 21 Jul 1754

Fraser, David, mariner ; Anne White, d/o John W., weaver in Leith, both in Lady Yester’s p. – 17 Nov 1771

Fraser, David, labourer, Old Kirk p. ; Anne Campbell, same p., d/o deceased Alexr. C., labourer at Balenvick – 4 Mar 1789

Fraser, David, wright in College Kirk p. ; Isobel Brown, same p., d/o deceased Alexr. B., wright – 8 Sep 1791

Fraser, Donald, writer ; Margaret Fraser, d/o Alexander F., shoemaker – 28 Aug 1763

Fraser, Donald, gentleman’s servant ; Jean M’Intosh, d/o Donald M., porter, now in Old Kirk p. – 15 Jul 1764

Fraser, Donald, gentleman’s servant in New Kirk p.; Isobel Adams, d/o deceast John A., journeyman smith, both in New North p. – 11 Feb 1770

Fraser, Donald, labourer, Old Grayfrier’s p. ; Ann Ross, same p., d/o Thomas R., smith, p. of Lotches in Sutherland – 24 Sep 1775

Fraser, Donald, carpenter, St. Giles p. ; Margaret Ross, same p., d/o deceased James R., farmer in Cromerty – 7 Feb 1784

Fraser, Donald, corporal in the 42nd Regiment in the Castle of Edinburgh ; Elizabeth Sinclair, New North p., d/o deceased Alexander S., farmer and miller at Dunbeath, Caithness – 15 Nov 1790

Fraser, Donald, founder ; Christian Ross, d/o Malcolm R., carrier to Dumfries, both in Old Church p. – 24 Apr 1798

Fraser, Donald, soldier, 10th Regiment of N. British Militia ; Mary Brodie, natural d/o James Brodie of Brodie, both St. Andrew p. – 15 May 1799

Fraser, Donald, labourer ; Katharine M’Lardie, d/o Malcolm M., farmer in p. of Southend, Argyleshire, both in Old Church p. – 31 May 1799

Fraser, Hon. Eleanora, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o deceased Lord Salton ; Sir George Ramsay of Banff, Bart., St. Andrew p. – 26 Aug 1786

Fraser, Hon. Dame Eleanora, relict of Sir George Ramsay of Banff, Bart. ; Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, both in St. Andrew p. – 5 Jul 1792

[Ygst d/o George Fraser, 14th (now 15th) Lord Saltoun (1720-1781); after Sir George’s death, she married Lieut-General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell.]

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o Thomas F., labouring man at Inverness, in Tolbooth p. ; William Tucker, soldier in Major-General Holm’s first battalion of foot, in the Castle of Edinburgh – 11 Sep 1757

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o deceased — F., farmer in Ross-shire ; Finlay Macdonald, labourer, both in Old Kirk p. – 22 Jul 1783

Fraser, Elizabeth ; Alexander Fraser, wright – 29 Nov 1784

Fraser, Elizabeth, College Kirk p., d/o deceased Alexander F., couper at Easter Logie, county of Ross ; George Jamieson, chairbearer, New North p. – 14 Dec 1786

Fraser, Elizabeth, College Kirk p., d/o John Fraser of Erchies (Erchit?), now in Edinburgh ; John Mathison, joiner in company of artificers going to Gibraltar, Tolbooth p. – 5 Mar 1787

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o John F., labourer ; Robert Mathison, soldier in the City Guard, both in College Kirk p. – 22 Nov 1791

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o deceased George F., in Kildonnan, Sutherland shire ; James Davidson, tailor, both in St. Andrew p. – 11 Apr 1794

Fraser, Elizabeth, relict of Finlay M’Donald, Chelsea pensioner ; Alexander Cameron, Chelsea pensioner, both in New North p. – 3 Jul 1794

Fraser, Elizabeth, d/o deceased John F., labourer in Clackmannan ; David Brodie, gentleman’s servant, both in New North p. – 12 Jul 1798

Fraser, Elspeth ; Simon Fraser, servants – 21 Oct 1791

Fraser, Euphemia ; Alexander Fraser, soldier – 25 Jul 1788

Fraser, Finlay, gentleman’s servant, New Kirk p. ; Jean Forsyth, New Gray- friar’s p., d/o deceased — Forsyth, labourer – 15 Sep 1783

Fraser, Frances, d/o James F., barber; Robert Nimmo, gentleman’s servant, both in New Church p. – 29 Oct 1775

Fraser, George, gentleman’s servant ; Janet Hislop, d/o deceast Richard H., farmer in p. of Inneresk, both in Old Kirk p. – 15 Jul 1770

Fraser, Miss Giles, St. Andrew p., d/o deceased Mr. (Alexander?) F., of the Excise ; David Miller, teacher, Tron p. – 17 Jun 1793

Fraser, Helen, d/o deceast James F., bailie in p. of Kilimure, now in Old Grayfrier’s p. ; William Fildan, indweller, Tolbooth p. – 11 Dec 1757

Fraser, Helen, Tolbooth p., d/o William F., merchant in Forres ; John Gillies, writer, New North p. – 5 Apr 1788

Fraser, Henrietta, d/o deceased Archibald F., surgeon in p. of Closeburn ; James Johnstone, farmer in p. of Aplegarth, both in New Grayfriar’s – 17 Jul 1768

Fraser, Henry, wright ; Marie Gillespie, d/o deceased John G., farmer at Pordovne, county Lithgow, both in New Gray Friar’s p. – 2 Nov 1784

Fraser, Hugh, farmer, p. of Kinghorn ; Margaret Abercrombie, p. of Leslie, d/o deceased James A., of Pratis – 18 Mar 1778

Fraser, Hugh, blacksmith, Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Betty Haggart, New North p., d/o deceased Peter H., farmer at Croad Toun, Bridalbin – 3 Oct 1787

Fraser, Hugh, gentleman’s servant, St. Andrew p. ; Anne Glendinning, same p., d/o James G., innkeeper at Dumfries – 14 Nov 1787

Fraser, Isobel , d/o deceast James F., smith, p. of Inverness; Neil Mackinnon, labourer, both in Old Kirk p. – 26 Jul 1772

Fraser, Isobel, d/o deceased William F., farmer, p. of Montrose ; Edward Creen, waver, both in Tron p. – 20 Oct 1784

Fraser, Isobel, relict of Angus Monro, labourer ; Nicolas Kelloch, labourer, both in New Grayfriar’s p. – 4 Aug 1791

Fraser, Isobel, d/o William F., farmer at Inverness ; James Mason, wright, both in New Grayfriar’s p. – 12 Jan 1799

Fraser, James, cook; Isobel Adamson, d/o Charles A., horse hirer, Canongate, now both in S.E. p. – 17 Aug 1755

Fraser, James, writer ; Miss Georgina Wilson, d/o Jas. W., writer, both in New Kirk p. – 26 June 1763

Fraser, James, W.S., now in Tron p. ; Miss Jean Spalding, d/o Alexr. S. of Holme now in New Kirk p. – 15 Jan 1769
[James F., of Gortuleg, W.S. (c1732-1805); his son Edward F. (1780-1827) was factor for Lady Saltoun (c1753-1851) at Ness Castle, Inverness-shire.]

Fraser, James, journeyman tailor in Old Grayfrier’s p. ; Katharine M’Laren, d/o John M., farmer in p. of Blair of Athol, now in New North p. – 5 Aug 1770

Fraser, James, tailor, Tron p. ; Alison Nicolson, d/o John N., carter in Canongate – 5 Sep 1778

Fraser, James, gentleman’s servant, St. Giles p. ; Margaret Brown, d/o John B., gentleman’s servant in Lanarkshire – 23 Oct 1781

Fraser, James, carter, New Gray Friar’s p. ; Grissel Dick, same p., d/o James D., day labourer at Edington – 1 Dec 1781

Fraser, James, hairdresser, College Park k. ; Jean Grant, same p., d/o Donald G., shoemaker, county of Inverness – 22 Apr 1784

Fraser, James, gentleman’s servant, St. Andrew p. ; Anne Cameron, Tron. p., d/o Hugh C., farmer, Fort William, county of Inverness – 12 Feb 1788

Fraser, James, shoemaker, Old Gray Friar’s p. ; Janet Sutton, New North p., d/o Alexr. S., smith, Nicolson Street – 13 Nov 1788

Fraser, James, baker in St. Andrew p. ; Elizabeth Cowan, same p., d/o James C., wright in Linton – 29 May 1792

Fraser, James, bookbinder in New North p. ; Jean Currie, in New Grayfriar’s p., d/o John Currie, Chelsea pensioner – 10 Oct 1792

Fraser, James, residenter, New Grayfriar’s p.; Madalina Anderson, same p., d/o John A., farmer, Banffshire – 14 Oct 1794

Fraser, Janet, d/o deceased Gabriel F., officer in Excise office; Henry Service, wright, both in S.E. p. – 29 Jun 1755

Fraser, Janet, d/o deceast Thomas F., farmer in Inverness ; John Campbell, s/o Charles C., farmer in p. of Glenorchie in Argyleshire, both in College Kirk p. – 19 Jun 1757

Fraser, Janet, d/o James F., labouring man ; James Bruce, tailor, both in Lady Yester’s p. – 8 Aug 1773

Fraser, Janet, d/o David F., miller in Ross-shire ; Alexander M’Donald, flesh caddie, both in Old Kirk p. – 21 Nov 1781

Fraser, Janet, Tolbooth p., d/o Francis F., sherriff officer ; Nathaniel Gow, musician, New Kirk p. – 17 Aug 1784

Fraser, Janet, d/o deceased Andrew F., farmer at Kirkhill, county of Inverness ; Matthew Wallace, late soldier in 63rd Regiment of foot, both in Tron p. – 8 Sep 1784

Fraser, Janet ; Andrew Fraser, weaver – 30 Jul 1785

Fraser, Janet, d/o James F., gardener in Canongate ; Robert Imrie, grocer, both in New North p. – 21 Nov 1791

Fraser, Jean, d/o John F., merchant in Fraserburgh, in Tron p. ; Charles Hope, merchant in College Kirk p. – 5 Sep 1762

Fraser, Miss Jean, Tolbooth p., d/o Mr. John F., W.S. ; Rev. Robert Walker, minister at Cramond – 29 Apr 1778
[Margaret, Jean & Anne – see entry for marriage of Miss Anne F., in 1783.]

Fraser, Jean, Tolbooth p., d/o Francis F., indweller; John Veitch, smith, New Grayfriar’s p. – 22 Dec 1780

Fraser, Jean, St. Giles p., d/o deceased — F., day labourer in Fifeshire ; Thomas Brown, soldier in the 25th Regiment, Edinburgh Castle – 1 Feb 1782

Fraser, Jean, d/o deceased John F., gardener at Coupar, Fife ; Skinner Watson, Chelsea pensioner, both in Tolbooth p. – 28 Mar 1786

Fraser, Mrs Jean in Old Kirk p., relict of Charles Hope, merchant ; Alexander Williamson, merchant in Tron p. – 24 Apr 1792

Fraser, John, servant to Dr Willm. M’Farlane, physician in S.K. p. ; Grizel Maver, d/o deceased James M., tenant in Mosston in Urquhart, shire of Murray, now in S.S.E. p. – 30 Nov 1755

Fraser, Mr. John, minister of the Gospel at Auchtermuchty (Coupar, Fife) ; Miss Magdalen Erskine, d/o deceast Mr. Henry E., minister at Falkirk, now in Tolbooth p. – 11 Feb 1770
[Rev. John Fraser – whose sister Lydia F. (1739-1805) and husband Simon Fraser (1736-1787) emigrated to Pictou, NS, with family incl. Thomas F., Basin (1759-1802).]

Fraser, John, tanner ; Margaret Bowie, d/o deceast Robert B., merchant, both in College Kirk p. – 7 Apr 1771

Fraser, John, glazier, Tron. p. ; Christian Monro, New North p., d/o deceased Hector M., gardener, Inverness – 3 Dec 1775

Fraser, John, chairbearer, Old Kirk p. ; Christie Gordon, same p., d/o deceased Donald G., farmer at Culloden – 7 Aug 1778

Fraser, John, labourer, Castle of Edinburgh ; Mary Nimmo, New North p., d/o James N., porter – 24 Sep 1779

Fraser, John, gentleman’s servant, St. Giles p. ; Margaret M’Gregor, Old Kirk p., d/o John M., smith in Falkirk – 13 Nov 1781

Fraser, John, weaver, New Gray Friar’s p. ; Mary M’Donald, same p., d/o Donald M., day labourer – 14 Nov 1782

Fraser, John, invalid, Old Kirk p. ; Anne Fraser, Lady Yester’s p., relict of Hugh Fraser, of the 15th Regiment – 15 Dec 1783

Fraser, John, mariner, New North p.; Margaret M’Diarmid, same p., d/o John M., teacher in Glasgow – 9 Oct 1784

Fraser, John, running stationer, St. Andrew p. ; Janet M’Donald, High Kirk p., d/o deceased John M., waiter in River of Badenoch – 14 Feb 1786

Fraser, John, mariner ; Anne M’Pherson, d/o David M., writer, both in New North p. – 18 Oct 1786

Fraser, John, labourer, Tron p. ; Anne Cameron, New Gray Friar’s p., d/o deceased Donald C., farmer at Kilmanavik (Kilmonivaig), county of Inverness (10 mi. N.N.E. from Fort William) – 15 Feb 1787

Fraser, John, writing master, Lady Yester’s p. ; Katharine Maughan, St. Andrew p., d/o John M., supervisor of window lights – 15 Feb 1788

Fraser, John, printer, New Gray Friar’s p.; Margaret Arkley, Old Kirk p., relict of Robt. Somerville, baker (4 Dec 1774) – 4 Mar 1790

Fraser, John, labourer; Elizabeth Ross, d/o deceased Alexr. R., schoolmaster at Kincairn, Ross-shire, both in New Gray Friar’s p. – 20 May 1790

Fraser, John, merchant, High Church p. ; Elizabeth Scott, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o Andrew S., watchmaker at Dingwall, Caithness – 27 Aug 1794

Fraser, John, chairbearer, St. Andrew p. ; Sarah Fraser, New North p., d/o John F., farmer, Inverness-shire – 2 Oct 1794

Fraser, John, grocer, New North p., Jean Forrester, St. Andrew p., d/o John F., residenter at Berwick-upon-Tweed – 18 May 1795

Fraser, Johnston, painter, Tron p. ; Elizabeth Gloag, College Church p., d/o James G., shoemaker – 27 Nov 1800

Fraser, Katherine, d/o deceased Thos. F., brother to Right Honble. Alexr. Frazer of Strichen, one of the Senators of ye College of Justice ; Robert Campbell, Capt. in service of the East India Company, both in Tron p. – 13 Sep 1761
[Katherine, d/o Thomas Fraser (b. 1691), s/o Alexander Fraser, 5th Strichen (d. Nov. 1699), by 1st wife Elizabeth Cockburn (d. July 1693).]

Fraser, Katherine., Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o John F., shoemaker; Thomas Aitken, wright, College Kirk p. – 24 Dec 1769

Fraser, Katherine, New North p., d/o deceased William F., smith at Inverness ; Charles Irvine, journeyman tailor – 14 Oct 1770

Fraser, Katherine, d/o deceased — F. ; Mungo Grant, wright at Inverask, both in New Gray Fryer’s p. – 28 May 1775

Fraser, Katherine, d/o John F., shoemaker ; John M’Donald, labourer, both in College Church p. – 22 Sep 1776

Fraser, Katherine, New North p., d/o deceased Hugh Fraser of Lovat ; David Brown, watchmaker, St. Giles p. – 31 Dec 1781
[Mary & Katherine Fraser – d/o deceased Hugh Fraser of Lovat. Mary’s will probated 16/5/1778; Katherine’s will probated 4/6/1796.]

Fraser, Katherine, d/o deceased Thomas F., farmer, near Dores, county of Inverness ; William Watson, bluegown, both in New Grayfriar’s p. – 8 Apr 1789

Fraser, Katherine, d/o deceased Alexr. F., cooper, p. of Logie, county of Ross ; Donald Ferguson, chairbearer, both in High Kirk p. – 10 Nov 1789

Fraser, Katherine, relict of Donald Ross, of the City Guard; Duncan M’Intyre, soldier of the City Guard, both in Old Kirk p. – 11 Aug 1796

Fraser, Katherine, d/o Donald F., waterbearer ; Neil Beaton, private in the Breadalbin Fencibles, both in College Kirk p. – 14 Sep 1797

Fraser, Katherine, d/o deceased William F., farmer in Contin, shire of Ross ; Ronald Mackenzie, labourer, both in College Kirk p. – 14 Mar 1798

Fraser, Katherine, d/o Alexr. F., waterbearer ; Hugh Cameron, soldier in the 1st Fencible Regiment, both in Tolbooth Kirk p. – 20 Mar 1798

Fraser, Kenneth, plasterer, Old Kirk p. ; Jean Tait, Tolbooth p., d/o John T., day labourer – 5 Apr 1788

Fraser, Linconell (Lioncell), gentleman’s servant, Old Gray Fryer’s p. ; Euphan Harper, Lady Yester’s p., d/o deceased Robert H., farmer, p. of Fogo, Berwickshire – 5 Dec 1775

Fraser, Margaret, d/o Patrick F, residenter in Caltoun, South Leith p. ; Walter Ross, lint dresser, both in S.S.W. p. – 6 Jan 1751

Fraser, Margaret, d/o deceased Andrew Fraser, farmer in Inverness ; James Turner, servant to Peter Cleland, vintner in N.W. p. – 25 Nov 1753

Fraser, Margaret, relict of John Murray, journeyman baxter; Edward Ramsay, smith, both in Tron p. – 27 May 1759

Fraser, Margaret, d/o John F., land labourer in Aberdour ; Benjamin Forrest, painter, both in New Kirk p. – 24 July 1763

Fraser, Margaret ; Donald Fraser, writer – 28 Aug 1763

Fraser, Margaret, d/o deceast Alexander F., farmer at Inverness ; William Munlas, gentleman’s servant, both in Old Grayfriar’s p. – 26 Jun 1768

Fraser, Margaret, d/o John F., farmer in Sutherland ; Malcolm Monro, soldier – 5 Feb 1778

Fraser, Margaret, d/o deceased — F., Inverness ; Charles Miller, corporal in the 81st Regiment, both in Tron p. – 17 Nov 1779

Fraser, Margaret, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o Alexander F., baker at Fort William ; Allan M’Cochran, sailor, New Grayfriar’s p. – 30 Jul 1783

Fraser, Margaret, d/o James F., gardener ; John Stronach, shoemaker, both in Old Kirk p. – 9 Oct 1784

Fraser, Margaret, d/o Alexander F., glassgrinder ; David Wilkins, glassgrinder and soldier in the 56th Regiment, both in Tron p. – 26 Jun 1787

Fraser, Margaret, Tolbooth p., d/o deceased Alexander F., farmer, Inverness-shire ; William Kerr, shoemaker, Old Grayfriar’s p. – 9 Apr 1795

Fraser, Margaret, d/o Alexr. F., merchant ; Henry Berwick, baker, both in St. Andrew p. – 29 Apr 1795

Fraser, Marion, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o deceased John F., gardener at Dairsie, Fife ; William Gray, tailor, p. of Libberton – 21 Jan 1797

Fraser, Martha, New Grayfriar’s p., d/o George F., carrier at Lochrin, West Kirk p. ; Thomas Ackman, tailor in Old Grayfriar’s p. – 2 May 1773

Fraser, Mary, d/o deceased John F., indweller in S.W. p. ; David Black, soldier in General Poultney’s Regiment – 5 Nov 1752

Fraser, Mary ; William Fraser, weaver – 13 Aug 1783

Fraser, Mary, d/o deceased Simon F., farmer, Inverness-shire ; Daniel Gray, shoemaker, both in St. Giles p. – 3 Jun 1784

Fraser, Mary, St. Andrew p., d/o James F., miller at Ford, county of Edinburgh; Alexander M’Donald, tea and spirit dealer, Old Kirk p. – 7 Dec 1785

Fraser, Mary, relict of Duncan Morrison, soldier, Earl of Seaforth Highlanders; Archibald Smith, labourer, both in Old Kirk p. – 30 Nov 1787

Fraser, Mary, d/o deceased John F., wright in the Aird, county of Inverness; John M’Beath, flaxdresser, both in Tron p. – 20 May 1788

Fraser, Mary, d/o deceased James F., farmer at Kiltarlity, county of Inverness ; Duncan Mackenzie, labourer, both in High Kirk p. – 14 Jun 1788

Fraser, Mary, Old Grayfriar’s p., d/o deceased Donald F., weaver at Inverness ; David Gray, tronman, Lady Yester’s p. – 5 Jun 1793

Fraser, Mary, d/o John F., weaver in Stirling ; James Macrae, gentleman’s servant, both in St. Andrew p. – 28 Nov 1796

Fraser, Mary, d/o John F., mason, Mount Street, London; Samuel Fuller, groom, both in St. Andrew p. – 10 Jul 1797

Fraser, Mary, d/o Edward F., weaver in Falkirk; John M’Glashan, weaver, both in St. Andrew p. – 4 Mar 1800

Fraser, Matilda, College Kirk p., d/o John F., day labourer in Canongate ; Robert M’Intosh, blacksmith in Tron p. – 25 Oct 1791

Fraser, Penelope, servitrex to Sir Hugh Hamilton of Rosehaugh, in N.W. p. ; John Bennet, merchant in S.W. p. – 19 Nov 1752

Fraser, Penelope, d/o deceased David F., cook in S.W. p. ; James Thom, servant to — Durham of Largo – 18 May 1755

Fraser, Penelope, relict of John Bennet, merchant ; James Thom, merchant, both in S.K. p. – 25 Jan 1756

Fraser, Peter, soldier in New Breadalbin Regiment, Old Grayfriar’s p.; Jean Mackay, same p., relict of John Tain, labourer – 28 Mar 1794

Fraser, Richard, tailor, Lady Yester’s p. ; Agnes Ronaldson, same p., d/o Stephen R., farmer at Eddlestone, county of Tweedale – 14 Nov 1793

Fraser, Robert, barber, N.K. p ; Barbara Kay, relict of James Groat, shipmaster in Leith, now in N.N.K. p. – 18 Aug 1754

Fraser, Robert, gentleman’s servant, New North p. ; Margaret Warden, New Grayfriar’s p., d/o deceased Geo. W., miller at Cramond – 2 Feb 1778

Fraser, Robert, flaxdresser, High Kirk p. ; Mary Elliot, d/o Archibald E., day labourer at Ancrum – 12 Mar 1787

Fraser, Robert, gentleman’s servant, St. Andrew p. ; Janet Henderson, same p., d/o Alexr. H., wright at Balmacom, Fife – 20 Oct 1797

Fraser, Roderick, gentleman’s servant, Tolbooth p.; Sophia Robertson, same p., d/o James R., trader in Portsoy – 1 Oct 1775

Fraser, Sarah, New North p., d/o John F., farmer, Inverness-shire ; John Fraser, chairbearer, St. Andrew p. – 2 Oct 1794

Fraser, Simon, tailor ; Katharine Wilson, d/o William W., farmer in Caithness ; both in College Kirk p. – 14 Jan 1770

Fraser, Simon, advocate ; Miss Margaret Fall, d/o deceased Alexander F., of Bridge Street, Westminster, London – 17 Jan 1778
[Simon Fraser of Farraline, Sheriff of Inverness (1754-1810).]

Fraser, Simon, sawer of timber, Old Kirk p. ; Christian M’Donald, same p., d/o Peter M., mason at Culbokie, county of Ross – 17 Feb 1786

Fraser, Simon, Chelsea pensioner, Old Kirk p. ; Mary M’Leod, same p., d/o deceased John M’Leod, tide waiter, p. of Glenelg, county of Inverness & relict of Daniel M’Leod, Chelsea pensioner, Old Kirk p., whom she had first married [22 July 1782] – 9 Jun 1786

Fraser, Simon, tailor, High Kirk p. ; Isobel Cormack, College Kirk p., d/o John C., farmer, in Knocknagoul, p. of Latheron, Caithness – 30 Oct 1788

Fraser, Simon, gentleman’s servant in Castle of Edinburgh ; Elspet Fraser, New North p., d/o Alexander F., soldier in 71st Regt. – 21 Oct 1791

Fraser, Simon, labourer ; Margaret Douglas, d/o deceased Murdoch D., day labourer, both in Old Kirk p. – 2 Oct 1792

Fraser, Stephen, wright, Old Grayfriar’s p.; Elizabeth Spence, Old Kirk p., d/o deceased William S., writer in Kirkwall, Orkney – 22 Feb 1786

Fraser, Thomas, stabler in Old Grayfriar’s p. ; Rebecca Muirhead, d/o James M., merchant, now in Tolbooth p. – 5 Nov 1758

Fraser, Thomas, stockingmaker, Old Grayfriar’s p.; Barbara Craigie, same p., d/o Jeremiah C., farmer in Dernest, p. of Kirkwall, Orkney – 4 Jun 1790

Fraser, Thomas, ship carpenter, New Grayfriar’s p. ; Elizabeth M’Leish, same p., d/o John M., wright in Muthill (sic) – 4 Jan 1791

Fraser, William, white iron smith ; Winifred Glover, d/o James G., farmer in p. of Teregls, Galloway, both in New North p. – 25 May 1766

Fraser, William, gentleman’s servant ; Janet Jameson, d/o Gilbert J., dyer in Linton, both in Old Grayfriar’s p. – 10 Jul 1768

Fraser, William, tailor in Tolbooth p.; Katherine Macbain, Tron p., d/o Alexander M., weaver in Canongate p. – 28 Apr 1776

Fraser, William, tin plate worker, p. of St. Giles ; Elizabeth Campbell, New Kirk p., d/o deceased William C., wright, Glasgow – 26 Feb 1780

Fraser, William, chairbearer, Old Kirk p. ; Christian Brown, same p., d/o John B., day labourer at Colington – 10 Dec 1782

Fraser, William, chairbearer, Tron p. ; Elizabeth Robertson, Lady Yester’s p., d/o John R., farmer in Perthshire – 27 May 1783

Fraser, William, weaver, St. Giles p. ; Mary Fraser, Tron p., d/o Robert F., guard soldier – 13 Aug 1783

Fraser, William, labourer, College Kirk p. ; Gilley Mathieson, Tron p., d/o Alexr. M., day labourer – 7 Jan 1785

Fraser, William, chairbearer ; Margaret Bowman, d/o deceased John B., shoemaker, both in Old Kirk p. – 13 Oct 1785

Fraser, William, gentleman’s servant, St. Andrew p. ; Isobella Profit, same p., d/o James P., tailor in Brechin – 24 Jun 1786

Fraser, William, mason, College Kirk p.; Isobel Menzies, Lady Yester’s p., d/o deceased Thomas M., farmer at Amulree, county of Perth – 31 Oct 1787

Fraser, William, tailor, Old Kirk p.; Margaret Robertson, same p., natural d/o Captn. John Robertson of Lude – 3 Nov 1789

Fraser, William, labourer, New Grayfriar’s p. ; Jean Liddon, same p., d/o John L., labourer in Kelso – 5 Mar 1799

Similar entries were also found for Bisset, Cowie, Frew, Mactavish, Oliver, Sim, Simpson, Syme, Twaddell, Tweedie, etc.

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