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Notable Fraser’ highlanders officers

During the 18th century, the highlands of Scotland and the people living there were considered to be very perilous for many reasons. The violence and the viciousness of the people of the region led many to believe that they must not be given the weapons which they require or else it would be catastrophic. James Wolfe, however, had other ideas and therefore in his letter to Captain William Rickson, he emphasized on the fact that 2 or 3 highlander companies should be formed as the people not only know the war tactics but also they are brave enough to fight the enemies with valor and courage which is required during the war. As a result of this letter, the Highland Battalion of the foot was raised in 1757 which has many notable officers.

Colonel Simon Fraser

He is the most notable officer of the Highland battalion and was considered one of the key figures of the wars which were fought during that era. He is one of the very few officers that sailed for Louisbourg in 1758. While commanding some 300 Highlanders on a raid to the St Michael Parish he was wounded along with Captain John Macpherson. The officers were carried to the camp and therefore these are the only causalities of the raid. While commanding the left wing of the army in the Battle of Sillery the colonel was again wounded and therefore he again missed further action. In 1774 a special act was passed from the parliament which was further fostered by the crown and he was granted the parental land which he owned. He eventually reached the rank of lieutenant general in the British army and also fought the American Revolutionary War. He died in 1782 in London at the age of 55. His services to the crown will always be remembered by the English Army.

Major James Clephane

He is regarded as a prominent figure of the Major General Stewart’s Regiment. He was also present at the capture of the Louisbourg. He was also captured at the Battle of Sluys but was exchanged shortly and was put in command and control of the Stewart Regiment. During the expedition of Quebec, he fell ill and was left behind for the treatment in New York. In 1765 he was elected as the Provost of Nairn and he held the post of quite some time. Major James Clephane did not marry throughout his life and died in 1768.

Captain Simon Fraser

He started his career as a foot soldier of the 52nd company of the British Army. Soon after the commission, he was transferred to the 50th regiment. His elder brother Charles Fraser was the Lt- Colonel in the British Army and led the Frasers of Lovat. He was promoted to the captain rank in 1757. He was one of the few officers that sailed for Louisbourg in 1758. He was fatally wounded in the Battle of Plains of Abraham was given constant medical treatment after this. He died of his wounds in October 1759 at the age of 27. He was unmarried and was mentioned on the list of wounded because of his seniority in the regiment.

Famous people, Scottish heritage

3 most famous persons with scottish origins

The trail of Scottish immigration to Canada began in the 1770s. By 1815 only, some 15,000 locals had rehabilitated in the Canadian regions like Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Prince Edward Island. As per the records in the books of history, the stable and better economic conditions in the Canada was the driving force behind this immigration trend. With the rapidly expanding of the Scottish immigration more gambling houses, providing different types of games appeared in Canada. As concern our times, you can make some fun at any time by dropping in ValleyGames gambling source and choose online casino according to your taste. People who migrated mostly did so out of their own will and to gain personal benefits out of it. Today almost 40% of the Canadians are of Scottish origin. The well-educated and knowledgeable immigrants have had a huge impact on the political and economic development in the area in the early years. Let’s take a look at some of the most Scottish Canadians and the contributions they have to allow Canada to become what it is today.

Donald Alexander Smith

Born in Scotland in 1820, Smith moved to Canada at the age of eighteen to become a part of the Hudson’s Bay Company when he was offered the job of a junior clerk in the company by his maternal uncle John Stuart.He then worked his way from clerkship to become one of Canada’s biggest and most successful businessman who had become the Governor and a major shareholder of the same company he once was a clerk in.Apart from this, he was also the President of Bank of Montreal and the co-founder of Canadian Pacific Highway. Smith was a philanthropist at heart who had supported a lot of charitable causes across Canada, US, and UK.

Alexander Tilloch Galt

Born to the Scottish novelist, John Galt, Alexander Tilloch Galt was a leading politician and the founder of the Confederation of Canada. After turning down the offer of becoming the premier for the Province of Canada, he was made the Inspect-General instead who played an impactful role in shaping the trading systems in Canada. Once he was successful for moving a Confederation in Canada, he shifted his focus to diplomacy instead. Galt was also known for his lucrative trade deals with France and Spain and his impactful role in Halifax Fisheries Commission.

R. M. Ballantyne

As we mentioned earlier, Robert Ballantyne was one of the famous Scottish writer of the Victorian age and the author of adventure stories for young people. At the age of 16, he migrated from Scotland to work for one of the most reputed and profitable companies of its time, the Hudson’s Bay. His first book “ Hudson’s Bay; or, every-day life in the wilds of North America’ was published in the year 1848. After that, he went on to write over 90 other books for a wide array of audiences including kids as well and is best known for his book “The Coral Island” which came in 1857. He was also an exemplary artist who had some of his work done with water colors exhibited in the Scottish Academy.

These are just some of the famous names who made a difference in Canada while being Scottish emigrants. The Scottish came on to become businessmen, traders, adventurers, explorers and politicians in the new land. From inciting uprisings to creating stability, they have made a huge impact in the Canadian history.For a small nation that it was, the Scottish contributions to the land of Canada can still be recalled today.

Famous people, History of Scottish Canadians

How Scots contributed to Canada

Scots have a very rich history in Canada. Historians even wrote that the Scots not only defined Canada but also took measures to make sure that the economy of this country flourishes.

There are many famous Scottish descendants who were made a major part of the Canadian political, financial and industrial system. Some people are of the view that Scots helped Canada when there whenever there is a political turmoil or country as a whole needs help. The most interesting fact in this regard is that around 10 million Canadians today have Scottish decent. They are very much attached to the country and work for its prosperity. There are many descendants from Scotland who remain Canadian prime ministers. These Scots started as ordinary men and moved up the ranks after hard working and self-determination. Highland Clearances in Scotland is a part of history which one cannot forget. It was after the battle of Culloden that many Scots left their homeland. Most of these were the fighters who stood for a cause. The others came to Canada to avoid prosecution. Some also think that the similarities in culture, tradition, and landscape allowed these Scottish emigrants to move comfortably. Whatever the reason is Canada is now known as the second home to Scots and it rightfully is.

There are many ways in which Scotsmen contributed to Canada.

Political activities

The Scottish are very influential when it comes to Canadian politics. It is because they not only love their second homeland but also contribute to its success. The Canadian political system in return inducted them and made it possible for them to get what they deserve. The first prime minister of Canada was of Scottish descendant which means that Canada loves pluralism.

Who doesn’t know George Brown who is regarded as the best Scot Canada has ever seen. He is still regarded as a father of confederation. He also published Canada’s first newspaper. Then John MacDonald is another figure which Canada cannot forget at all. The Scots not only remain in the region but have also expanded the boundaries of this country further.


When it comes to Scot contribution to Canada infrastructure is no exception. Scotsmen not only funded and financed the system in Canada but are among those maintaining it for centuries. Everyone knows James Douglas. He emphasized upon the overall ways and means which are necessary to link Canada to the world. Interconnectivity options were also designed by him. It simply means that the current railway system of Canada owes its presence to James Douglas. Apart from all this he also made sure that BC is induced into the confederation.

Economic systems

Scots have contributed towards the social and finance sector of the country as well. The rules and procedures upon which the Canadian banking system operates are devised by people like James McGill and John Strachan. Since the political system inception in Canada, there have been 23 Prime Ministers in total. Among the 14 have Scottish roots and descendant. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no exception to this.

Famous people, Scottish Canadians

Famous Scots in Canada

The best part is that most of the Scots in Canada have influenced the local culture in such a manner that it is unforgettable. In addition, Scottish people brought to Canada a lot of different games of fortune and chance, which you can find dropping by a trusted website of online casino games, listings or other similar sources. There are many Scots who have held key positions in Canada and it is all due to their hard work and determination to succeed. Very few people know that the first two Prime Ministers of Canada were Scots. However, they were not well off at all. The positive aspect in this regard is that Canada is rightfully called as land of opportunities. Anyone who comes here with strong will and determination can easily be chosen as a representative by the Canadian. There are many famous Scots who have contributed a lot to the country. Some of these are mentioned as under:

Tommy Douglas

He was voted as the greatest Canadian of all times. It is all due to the fact that he worked hard to make sure that Medicare is reaches those areas of the society where it is really needed. He was from a very religious family and was involved in local church. When he and his family moved to the province of Saskatchewan he realized that the people are not in a good condition at all. The lack of food and nutrition was leading the youngsters to disorders. At that time i.e. 1930 such disorders were not curable at all. He made his way up to the politics and did something great for the Canadians. The Universal Healthcare Program was launched by his government. It is the best program which has been launched and paved a way for future healthcare development in Canada. Any person in Canada can get free healthcare and the government will pay the bills. This was the best thing that ever happened to the people of that era. Ironically Tommy died of cancer when he was 81 years of age. He is still regarded as the greatest Canadian politician who despite being Scot did everything he could to his new country Canada.

Sir John A Macdonald

This man is an inspiration for many around the world. He can be rightfully regarded as the best politician that Canada ever had. He belonged to a bankrupt Scot family that can to Canada secure their future. Here the things did not change for them at all. Sir John had to work to pay his school as well as tuition fees. He studied law and became Canadian prime minister eventually. He is regarded as the founder of Canadian Mounted Police.

Robert Michael Ballantyne

This person needs no intro. Robert has authored more than 90 books. His books are still an inspiration for most of the young Canadians. He left Scotland to pursue a better career in Canada. He was also known as explorer and adventurist. While working at Hudson Bay Company he worked his way really quickly. He has proven to the world that the single man who is well determined can make a strong impact in Canada. Today his books are read all over the world and are cited for several literary works.

Famous places, History of Scottish Canadians

Scottish Canadians: Provincial Analysis

Scottish Canadians are the fourth largest ethnic group in Canada. The total number of Scots in Canada is about 4.5 million.  This group comprises 15% of total population of the country. With a huge cultural impact, this group has been working very hard for a prosperous Canada. The exact timeline of Scots entering Canada is not available but there are many famous places in Canada which have been named after the related personalities. Some historians are of the view that the issues within Scotland back in 18th century urged the locals to migrate. There are several other factors as Canada is known as the land of opportunities. Despite large area of Canada, the population is too low. It can be said that keeping this particular factor in view the Scot immigration to Canada was encouraged by the government. The influence of Scots on different provinces of Canada we will see there:

Nova Scotia

The name says it all. It is that province of Canada which is highly influenced by Scottish immigrants as well as the culture related. From music to art and paintings it is highly prejudiced by the famous Scots that settled here in the early 19th century. Some historians are of the view that this settlement of Scots may be far early as the modern history quotes. The culture of this province is defined by the Scots that immigrated here after Scottish Clearance. The intriguing part is that the there is a healthy number of Nova Scotians who know how to read and write the ancient Scottish languages. It is interesting to find that this trend is also prevalent nationwide.


McGill University

It is also one of the provinces of Canada which is highly colonized by Scots during the medieval era. There are many Scots that have contributed to the success of this awesome Canadian place. The best part is that the first governor of this province was a Scot. The famous McGill University of this province has also been established by early Scots here. The overall success of this ethnic group here is due to the fact that there the most important parts of the society of were captured. From finance to education these Scots still have an impact on this province and it will continue for coming ages as well. Scots here also made sure that the departments or establishments are also taken care of properly.

British Columbia

Fraser River

Here in this province, there are many influential Scots which have contributed to the success of especially modern day Vancouver. There are many memorials which can be seen all over the city. Though the early Scots were here as Fisherman but soon due to their tactics and tricks they held key positions of the province. There are many places in the province which have been named after early Scots that settled here. Fraser River which is the most important part of Vancouver is named after famous Scot. The fact is that this ethnic group has highly influenced the area. The overall cultural impact of Scots cannot be overlooked at all.