3 most famous persons with scottish origins

The trail of Scottish immigration to Canada began in the 1770s. By 1815 only, some 15,000 locals had rehabilitated in the Canadian regions like Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the Prince Edward Island. As per the records in the books of history, the stable and better economic conditions in the Canada was the driving force behind this immigration trend. With the rapidly expanding of the Scottish immigration more gambling houses, providing different types of games appeared in Canada. As concern our times, you can make some fun at any time by dropping in ValleyGames gambling source and choose online casino according to your taste. People who migrated mostly did so out of their own will and to gain personal benefits out of it. Today almost 40% of the Canadians are of Scottish origin. The well-educated and knowledgeable immigrants have had a huge impact on the political and economic development in the area in the early years. Let’s take a look at some of the most Scottish Canadians and the contributions they have to allow Canada to become what it is today.

Donald Alexander Smith

Donald Alexander SmithBorn in Scotland in 1820, Smith moved to Canada at the age of eighteen to become a part of the Hudson’s Bay Company when he was offered the job of a junior clerk in the company by his maternal uncle John Stuart.He then worked his way from clerkship to become one of Canada’s biggest and most successful businessman who had become the Governor and a major shareholder of the same company he once was a clerk in.Apart from this, he was also the President of Bank of Montreal and the co-founder of Canadian Pacific Highway. Smith was a philanthropist at heart who had supported a lot of charitable causes across Canada, US, and UK.

Alexander Tilloch Galt

Alexander Tilloch GaltBorn to the Scottish novelist, John Galt, Alexander Tilloch Galt was a leading politician and the founder of the Confederation of Canada. After turning down the offer of becoming the premier for the Province of Canada, he was made the Inspect-General instead who played an impactful role in shaping the trading systems in Canada. Once he was successful for moving a Confederation in Canada, he shifted his focus to diplomacy instead. Galt was also known for his lucrative trade deals with France and Spain and his impactful role in Halifax Fisheries Commission.

R. M. Ballantyne

R. M. BallantyneAs we mentioned earlier, Robert Ballantyne was one of the famous Scottish writer of the Victorian age and the author of adventure stories for young people. At the age of 16, he migrated from Scotland to work for one of the most reputed and profitable companies of its time, the Hudson’s Bay. His first book “ Hudson’s Bay; or, every-day life in the wilds of North America’ was published in the year 1848. After that, he went on to write over 90 other books for a wide array of audiences including kids as well and is best known for his book “The Coral Island” which came in 1857. He was also an exemplary artist who had some of his work done with water colors exhibited in the Scottish Academy.

These are just some of the famous names who made a difference in Canada while being Scottish emigrants. The Scottish came on to become businessmen, traders, adventurers, explorers and politicians in the new land. From inciting uprisings to creating stability, they have made a huge impact in the Canadian history.For a small nation that it was, the Scottish contributions to the land of Canada can still be recalled today.

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